Monday, July 2, 2012

Baby #4

We are so excited to be adding another baby to our family. If I wasn't such a slacker in posting on my blog I would've mentioned it before but better late than never right? A long time ago, I told David that our family wasn't complete. I wasn't sure when, but I knew that there was still one more baby that was meant to be in our family. I also told him I had a feeling it would be a little girl. I guess I was right :)
I am due next month, August 3. I'm currently 35 weeks and 3 days along. We are having a GIRL!!!! Her name will be Amelia Jeanine Lee. The kids are very excited to be having a baby sister. McKaila has been praying for a little sister for a very long time. On the day we found out it was a girl, McKaila was at school during the ultrasound. When I picked her up from the bus stop she came running to me saying "is it a girl, is it a girl?". She has lots of plans for her and her little sister. One of them being sharing a room with pink bunkbeds lol. Shortly after we found out it was a girl, Kameron told me he was so happy Jesus made McKaila's wish come true. I love how sweet my little Kameron is. He has been so worried about me and my health during this pregnancy. Things have been a little rough for me. Around 15 weeks I was diagnoses with pelvic symphisis dysfunction. It basically means I have very little support from my pelvis. My body produced too much of the relaxin hormone and my pelvis isn't very stable. It causes me a lot of pain and sometimes I just can't do anything because of the pain. When I tell the kids that mommy doesn't feel well or that I'm in pain, Kameron comes to the rescue. He will color me pictures and constantly prays for me that I will feel better. He always has plenty of hugs and kisses for me. My other health issue has been my kidneys. When I was pregnant with Kameron, I had hydronephrosis and a baby kidney infection which put me in the hospital for 4 days. That was the extent of my kidney problems with that pregnancy. This pregnancy I also have hydronephrosis but it doesn't end there. I have kidney stones and a lot of them. So far I have passed 10 and I still have at least 6 more in there. I was actually in the hospital this last weekend because of the kidney stones and the pain I was in. Because I'm pregnant there isn't much that can be done. They gave me pain medicine and a lot of fluids hoping to flush the stones out. They also gave me a muscle relaxer to hopefully help dilate the ureters to allow easier passage for the stones. I was out of it for those 2 days. I slept a majority of the time because of the meds. I still hadn't passed the stone and there wasn't much more they could do so I was sent home once I was able to control the pain with just the oral pills. After being home a few hours I was able to pass the stone and it was huge! 9.5 mm long and 5.5 mm wide. That was by far the biggest stone I've had. If I wasn't pregnant they would have had to blast that thing. 
I have seen a urologist multiple times but again, because I'm pregnant there isn't much that can be done. They could've place a stint in my ureters to help the stones pass but I've heard they are very uncomfortable and I really didn't want to have a surgery while pregnant. Two weeks after I deliver, the urologist wants to do a CT scan to check on my kidneys and do further testing. I have had multiple renal ultrasounds to check on the amount of stones and approximate sizes. There are some big ones in there so hopefully they don't continue to get bigger or there will be more problems. 
Other than those issues, the pregnancy is going well. Amelia did had some hydronephrosis in her kidneys and the doctors did well with monitoring them. At our last ultrasound for her kidneys things looked great and she was off their "worry list". She is a very active baby and recognizes her daddy's voice already. She can be sleeping and not moving and then the second David starts talking, she starts wiggling. She is going to be a daddy's girl. He says she needs to hurry and get here so he can snuggle her. He wants her out now so he can snuggle her and then be able to put her back in my belly to continue to grow lol.
Amelia will complete our family. Two girls and two boys is the perfect combination. I'm excited for her to get her but sad that this is my last pregnancy. I have been in a lot more pain this pregnancy and had some unseen complications with my health but I do enjoy being pregnant. I'm thankful for all of my children and they mean the world to me. I can't wait for this little lady to join our family. 

Here is me around 31 weeks

McKaila's Graduation

I know this post is a little late but I can't believe my little girl graduated from kindergarten already. She had such an amazing year and she can't wait till first grade. McKaila has done so well with learning to read. In her  class they had reading books that they would bring home and once they were able to read the book without any help, they brought it back and then would be given new books. Each book got a little harder. McKaila had a hard time getting started with the books. It was hard for her to get focused with the books and really get interested in it. It didn't take her too long though once she had the confidence in herself. The goal was to finish all books (88 of them) by the end of the year. McKaila did it! As a reward, she got to go to dinner with just me and grandma. No boys allowed. She got to pick where we went for dinner and she chose Texas Roadhouse because she wanted the peanuts lol. She was obsessed with them when we got there. I'm so proud of her. She has grown so much over the last year. I can't believe she will be gone all day for school next month. Kameron can't wait to join McKaila and ride the bus home with her everyday. I will have two kids in school. My kids are growing so fast.  

Here are some pictures from McKaila's graduation. 

Sorry about the ladies head in the way. It was so crowded. Here is McKaila recieving her certificate from the principal Mr. Johnstone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Photos

I have seemed to have lost my camera cord that connects to the computer and download my pictures.  I have so many pictures to show and so many things to update but need that cord lol. 
David is back!!! He moved back to be with us and we are glad to have him home. We took full advantage of his photography skills and had him take pictures of the kids out at Julia Davis Park. So for now all I have are some pictures.




Sunday, May 29, 2011

Major update

So many things have changed since I last blogged. I hardly know where to even start. The kids and I have been in Idaho for the last year. David is still in Virginia and we actually got to see him last week. It was so wonderful. He surprised us with a visit for 6 days. Things have been so hard for everyone in our family this last year. I am truly grateful for my family who has helped us out so much. They built a brand new home shortly after we arrived last May and in September we all moved in. There is so much more room. The kids and I occupy the basement :) Well McKaila sleeps in the room by the stairs on the main level. My grandmother also lives with us as well. As you can imagine, its a full house. My grandpa lived with us until December 1, 2010 when he passed away.

Here is a picture of the new house. My dad had the bigger garage built shortly after moving in. In now has a total of 5 garage spaces.

McKaila turned 5 in January. She has recently started concerta and clonodine for her ADHD. It seems to be helping quite a bit. She is still recieving counceling but her occupational therapy is now no longer just her and her therapist. She will be starting up a social group now that will be once a week and go until she starts Kindergarten in August. I can't believe she is starting school so soon!!! She is such a great big sister to her brothers (most of the time). She loves to color and her writing has improved tons. She asks me how to spell things all the time. She has a notebook that she writes in all the time and mostly its just random letters. I love that she enjoys it. She is doing well in church but is extremely shy still and doesn't deal well with change. If her normal teacher isn't there she doesn't like going to class. She also won't go to class until her teacher is there. Then she usually spends primary on her teachers lap lol. I'm glad she has such a great and understanding teacher. McKaila is still tall and thin. She is in the 15% for her weight, and 75% for her height. She recently saw a nutritionist and they gave me some ideas to boost McKaila's calorie intake. McKaila has decided to grow her hair out like "Tangled". So far it is working. She doesn't fight me as much to brush her hair :)

Kameron turned 4 in March. He has had a rough go about with things the last year. He has had stitches in his forehead, his chin had to be glued back together in the ER, and he has had staples in his head. That all happened within a few months of each other. Kameron also has had a bunch of problems with his bowels. He had chronic retentive constipation with megacolon. You probably don't want to hear about it so I won't go into detail. This has just been a major problem the last year so I am blogging about it for my own purposes. He had to be on miralax every night and ex-lax chocolates every night until his colon shrunk back down and he could gain control. Because of these problems, Kameron wasn't really potty trained because he couldn't control his bowels, he would have a ton of accidents in his underwear and that just wasn't happening. I am happy to say Kameron has made such tremendous progress that he is now off the ex-lax chocolates. He has been on them everynight for the past 3 months. Now he is only on the miralax and will continue to be for quite a while according to his GI doctor. Kameron is now potty trained. I am saying that because he is always in underwear (except for bedtime) and if he starts to go potty in his undies he quickly runs to the bathroom. He is doing so well and has come so far. He is loving Sunbeams in church and has awesome teachers. Kameron is physically tough but his emotions are all over the place. He cries so easily. He is also become a big bully to Jayden so I'm trying to get that stopped. Kameron is such a spaz. He has got to be one of the funniest little boys I know. He is hilarious!!! He can always make me smile when I'm having a rough day. He is definetly a momma's boy.

Last but not least is Jayden. He is 2 and it definetly shows lol. He has gotten into the terrible twos. He throws tantrums when he doesn't like how something turned out and when he doesn't get his way. He is also a big momma's boy but when David was here last week, Jayden was def. a daddy's boy. Jayden still is hard to understand when he speaks but he has improved a ton. He had speech therapy for a few months and then he graduated. I wasn't sure he was ready to graduate yet but his therapist said he made the goals we had set. He indeed met them, but I believe he needed more. Don't get me wrong though, he has improved a ton! Even McKaila said today "Jayden is talking more mom. He is doing really well." He is still in feeding therapy and hasn't made any improvements really. He has sensory issues like his sister but McKaila understood she needed to try new foods and that there are different textures to different foods but that it was ok. Jayden doesn't understand at all. Meal times are horrible for him. Breakfast is his best meal. He will eat and eat for breakfast but lunch and dinner are full of tears and screaming. It can be a major headache but we are slowly learning to deal with it. Jayden sleeps in a big boy bed. The boys have bunk beds and it has worked wonderfully. No one has gotten hurt and they don't fight about who sleeps on which bed, although Jayden would not be allowed on the top lol. My little Jayden has continued to have his bouts of bad health with his lungs. He is still coughing and has been for 2 1/2 weeks now. In fact, last Sunday he was coughing so hard he was throwing up. Took him into primary health and it was basically lung spasms. He also had strep throat before that and he had pnemonia a few months ago. My poor baby :(  Jayden still takes naps most days and when he wakes up in the morning he is the sweetest boy. Always runs in my room with the happiest "mommie!!!!" It melts my heart. Oh and whenever he smiles, he always squints his eyes :)

Hopefully now since I have written my first blog since not blogging for so long I will be back in the game. I'll try and post some pictures of our trip to the zoo with David next time. For now, I've gotta get a very tired awnry little girl to bed.

Monday, April 5, 2010

What we've been up to

Thanks to Melissa, she reminded me I haven't done a post for a while. We have been extremely busy around here. I guess I'll catch up by each person.

David: David has been extremely busy with work. He is the inventory manager at Lindsay Chevrolet and he is really enjoying it although some of the people aren't the brightest crayon in the box. That really frustrated him sometimes lol. I believe I have mentioned it before on here but David owns his own photography business. He does real estate photography. It has really picked up and he is hoping to be able to branch out and hire other people around other areas. On top of all that he is still able to find some time to be a daddy and a husband.

Me: I am busy going to the gym almost every morning. I usually don't go Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays but every other day I go. It has been a lot of fun to work out and try new classes with some great friends. Other than that I am busy being a mom of three very active children and running Kameron around to doctors (more on that in a few).

McKaila: McKaila drew an awesome stick figure person today at the daycare in the gym. Now for those of you who don't know, McKaila has some visual motor delays in which she see's things one way but when it gets transferred to the other side of the brain it gets lost. One of the ways you see it most with her is writing/drawing. Her stick people look like a circle with a bunch of lines coming out of the head. Today her stick person had no body but it only had 2 arms and 2 legs and they were in the right area's of the head :) She also can now draw the letter H. Once again writing letters is very hard for her. She still needs some behavioral therapy but we are working on that one. She likes to use baby talk and when we tell her that she needs to use her big girl words that usually corrects it and she'll talk normal.

Kameron: Where do I start with this boy. Lets start with his most recent injury. I babysit my friends little boy a few days a week and their house. We're over there all the time and Kameron was out in the garage riding bikes and playing. Nothing out of the ordinary, no cars where in there and they always ride around in the garage. My friend Erin had just left and I was up trying to get her son back to bed and I heard this loud crashing sound of metal hitting the concrete. I ran downstairs and Kameron was holding his hand with blood everywhere and crying. McKaila spots the blood and starts screaming as well. I started to panic when I saw the cut on his pinky because it seemed to need stitches and looked like he broke a finger or two. I called Erin and she found someone from church to come and sit with the kids so I could take Kameron to the ER. David was on his way but didn't have the truck because I had it. My van was in the shop so we dropped him off at work that morning. So anyways back to the ER. Kameron fell asleep on me in the waiting room because he was so exhausted from crying. We got into a room and waited for a little bit. We went to get his hand x-rayed and right away the tech showed me the broken fingers and said wow look at this. I asked him how we fix it and he chuckled and said I have no idea. We got back to our room and when the doctor finally came back in she told us Kameron would need surgery on his fingers in order to fix them. The pinky was cut bad but it was actually the ring finger we were worried about because it was so swollen they worried about blood flow. So then we had to try to find someone that would do the surgery. Where we were at the surgeon said it was too complex for him because of Kamerons age. They called a few other places and finally Childrens in DC said they would do it. We were transferred by ambulance to Childrens. Before getting in the ambulance they tried to get an oxygen reading on the ring finger and couldn't. They switched fingers and right away picked up a reading so they instantly were more concerned for that finger. They decided it would be best to turn on the lights and sirens. Kameron was in heaven. He loved every minute of that ambulance ride. He got to watch Nemo in the back and they gave him a stuffed elephant to love on.

We finally got to Childrens and were told the plastic surgeon wouldn't be here for a few hours but that he didn't think Kameron would need surgery. That it could be fixed by a splint. Around midnight Dr. Kohen came and splinted Kamerons hand. We were released to go home around 2:30 Wednesday morning. David was pretty upset that they discharged us at that time because he had to wake up the other kids to come pick us up. Kam broke his pinky in two spots and his ring finger in 2 or 3 spots I can't remember. They didn't need to stick his cut because it wasn't stitchable. It was basically too wide to stitch together. So that was wrapped in some very very expensive yellow medicated gauze. We had a check up with the surgeon again a week later and I was not happy with him at all. He didn't even look at Kamerons hand. He had the resident unwrap it and send us home. They called an hour later and said they needed us to come back to rewrap it. No thank you. It took us 2 hours of a commute each way and the doctor was rude. So we went to our local ER and had his hand wrapped again. We have another appointment with a new orthopedic surgeon on Thursday. Whew that was a long one. Oh I forgot to mention how he hurt his fingers. He was playing with the legs of a trampoline (not put together yet) that were up against the wall and he put his fingers between the bars and they fell over pulling his fingers and breaking them. Kameron turned 3 a few days later.

Jayden: Jayden is growing and learning new things all the time. He has had some horrible rashes on his bum and he's had a yeast infection. He's had lots of diarrhea which I thought was from teething but it has been going on for longer that I would have thought. So I will talk to the pediatrician tomorrow and see what he says. It could be an allergy to some new food but I can't think of what it would be that is new. He has a major blowout everytime he goes. That requires a new change of clothes and a bath. Happens about 3 times a day. I know you didn't want to know about poop updates with Jayden but that has been so time consuming with him lately.

Ok that was much longer than planned but its all for you Melissa :) Now for some pictures.
McKaila at the cherry blossom festival

Such a big boy. Notice his splint on his left hand :)

Jayden eating his marshmallow from his easter basket.
We had a visit from Flat Stanley

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Back

I am sorry I haven't posted in a long time. No one probably reads this anymore lol but its about time for an update. The layouts have changed on here so I am still trying to figure out the pictures and different things on here.

McKaila has been diagnosed with ADHD. She also has some fine motor delays along with visual motor delays. This week we have just started counseling for her. They will come and do "play therapy" 3-4 times a week. They do 5 hours a week so that keeps us pretty busy. We are hoping to get her the help she needs now so when school starts she will be caught up and not need any medication to cope with her disorder. McKaila just turned 4 and has now started Sunbeams in church. She is loving it and has her first article of faith memorized. She loves practicing them.

Kameron turns 3 in March and he is such a little ham. He has such big blue eyes and it makes you want to just snuggle up with him. Especially first thing in the morning. He loves to play with his brother and sister. He is more and more independent every day. He is still in nursery and loves to play with his friends. The kids got new scooters for Christmas and they love them. Kameron really flies on it. When Kameron gets his mind on something it never ends lol. If he wants something he will ask over and over for it forever. Even if you tell him he can have something he will ask about it till it is in his hands. For ex. he wanted juice and I told him he could have some. Well he kept asking for the juice even when I was pouring it. He is one stubborn boy :) I wonder who he gets that from???

Jayden is almost 14 months old now. He is just starting to walk now and he is so proud of himself. He sticks his tongue out all the time and just cracks us up. He loves to play with his siblings and if anyone is lying on the floor he will crawl all over them and giggle. He is such a good baby. He has been teething something fierce for the last two weeks and is so crabby. He is still a little guy and only 20 lbs. He is 20% for weight and 90% for height. He just graduated into 12 month clothing :)

That about sums it up. Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RSV again

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. Things have been pretty crazy around here. My parents are in town visiting. Both my mom and dad were able to come out this time. We are having a blast.

Jayden has RSV again. He has been sick for a few days and got pretty bad the day my parents flew in. I decided to try to wait it out. I tried taking him to the urgent care but they were closed so we just went home. Just a little bit longer I decided he was sick enough for the ER. He had 3 days of fevers and 4 days of a yucky cough. They did the RSV swap and once again it came back positive. The battery of tests started again. They drew blood and ran some tests, chest x-rays, sterile urine culture (which involves a catheter), IV, and vitals. Poor little Jayden.  The ER doctor was an idiot to say the least. He charted that Jayden has bronchioctasis which is a lung disease and most commonly in adults. He also kept calling Jayden a she even though I corrected him multiple times. Even in his chart he wrote she this and that. His chart did say he was a male though. The doctor also said Jayden's ears were perfectly clear and made it sound like I was overreacting. When I told him he had RSV this time last year he said if I wanted him to he would do the RSV swab. Then there was something in the chest x-ray but they didn't know what it was so he gave us an antibiotic. We were allowed to go home as long as we saw the pediatrician the next morning. When we saw our pediatrician he was ticked off at the ER doctor. He said Jayden does not have a lung disease. He has bronchiolitis as well as RSV. Also Jayden has a double ear infection. Hmmm. Interesting because the doc. at the ER said he was fine. Both the pediatrician and I were very upset with the ER. The ped. told me that's why you never go to the ER although he knew I needed to. So Jayden is on his nebulizer, an antibiotic, benadryl, tylenol and a steroid. Poor baby. He looks miserable.

This blog has changed the way pictures are uploaded and I am not too fond of it. I will try and figure it out soon. Thanks